In the mysterious world of dusty walls, the Ptuj Wine Archive sparkles with the outcomes of all the great vintages from the last two centuries. It holds one of the largest and most renowned collections of archive wines in the region, including the oldest Slovenian wine, Zlata trta from 1917, which is carefully stored within.

Archival wines possess a venerable appearance and a special charm enhanced by the noble cellar mold that grows on the bottles. The wines exhibit a range of colors, from delicate golden hues to shades of ambergris and amber, indicating their status as true treasures of the cellar. Over time, these wines have developed a unique aroma and enchant us with a wealth of scents. Their elegant, almost silky taste has matured beautifully and continues to evolve in certain cases. Most of the archive wines boast a harmonious fusion of flavors and provide a multitude of unforgettable moments that indulge all our senses.

Deep within a dark and properly humid cellar, with a constant temperature between 9 and 12 °C and a humidity level of 75%, these wines are carefully stored. Archive wines are best served chilled to a temperature between 16 and 18 °C. They are opened a few hours before consumption, or alternatively, a carafe or a large glass can be used.

Allow your senses to indulge in a wine that bears your year of birth, or surprise your loved ones with a unique and special gift.

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